Improve your business processes

Piece Rates, hourly rates and bonuses all taken care of

AgriSmart keeps you compliant and saves you time so you can look after the important things on your Vineyard.

Piece Rates
We can handle unlimited piece rates.
Online & Offline Timesheets
Built especially for Horticulture and is accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device, whether it be online of offline.
Integrates with selected fingerprint scanners.
Crop Costing
Automatically track costs of each crop per block.
You’re able to invoice clients within AgriSmart with the ability to do progress billing.
Health & Safety
Designed especially for farmers
H&S Communication
Great all-round communication with your team.
Monitoring & Enforcing your H&S
Monitor and enforce your orchard H&S from anywhere, anytime.
Import the hours worked as recorded in Agrismart into your payroll system

Why AgriSmart?

Saves time
Reduces admin time so you can focus on getting your hands dirty. Let’s face it, anything that reduces admin time has got to be good!
Simple to use
Simple and intuitive software that is a piece of cake to navigate. Add time with a click of a button that can be done on any device.
Provides Clarity
You’ll know exactly where you stand with leave balances & rostered time off, and so will your team. This avoids those conversations that no one likes having.
Cloud Based
Access AgriSmart anywhere, anytime, from any device. We store your data in the Cloud so there is no need to back it up - free up space in the filing cabinet!
Innovative Technology
We listen to what you want so we can make AgriSmart the best it can be.
If the compliance people tootle on up the driveway, all of your records will be in one place with all of the necessary checks and balances automatically worked out for you.

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